Sometimes Failing Is Necessary

I am writing this within an hour of finishing my English final. Of course, it was an in class essay. I am not fond of these types of finals. I have worked really hard in this class and have just barely hung on to an A. My fourth and last paper was a 145/150 which was my highest. I am very proud of the effort and work I have put in. However, I think I did not do my best on the final. Within one of the prompts I was given I found an issue. I think the issue was relevant but now I am second-guessing myself. I found my claim, and I found 4 premises. Now, the first thing I did wrong was compare the amount of blue books I was using compared to my classmates. The guy next to me used like 50, or maybe 3 but still. I used 1. Part of this is because I have very tiny writing, but as judging myself goes, I feel insecure right now. I think I made relevant points, but I hate cramming my thoughts in to a limited amount of time like that. I felt nervous. I did have the issue, claim, premises, sub-points and counter arguments and of course a conclusion. I FORGOT TO TITLE IT! I am so mad. I just feel like I left myself down.
BUT, as the title of this entry says: Sometimes Failing is Necessary. This is a true statement. It is hard to learn if we never fail at something. We can’t appreciate our progress when we never stumble. While I am holding on to a hope that I still might get an A, I really don’t know. BUT, I do know that I learned more from this class than any other class I have taken. Regardless if I get an A, B or C I will be damn proud of it because I worked my butt off!

So my advice to all those who have felt this way or are feeling this way: don’t look down on yourself when you fail at something. Look at it as an opportunity to learn something you didn’t know before. And do your best to not make the same mistake twice!!!


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