My “Persona” Doll

Tomorrow is my last day of school for the Fall semester. I am both sad and relieved. I want to share this because creating this doll has been a very tiring, frustrating, inspiring and special experience for me. I am not a craft person so I really went outside of my comfort zone.

In my class, Multicultural Education: Anti-Bias Perspective, we have learned so many new ways to teach children that being different is OK…and in fact, GREAT! One of the projects we could choose was to create a persona doll. If we created a persona doll, we did not have to take the 100-question final. I chose the doll. So here she is:

The importance of a “Persona Doll” is to introduce differences to young children in a classroom. This can be to prepare children for a new student who may or may not have a special need. This can also be a way to make a child with special needs feel more comfortable in a class, as well as help the children feel comfortable with something they may not understand. Often we try to ignore our “abilities” when the best thing we can do is to educate children on them and stop them from creating a biased opinion before they even turn 6!

Her name is Betsy, and I chose the name Betsy for two reasons:

  1. The little girl I am giving her to is named Elisabeth and I want her to be different but the same. Elisabeth has type 1 diabetes and has an insulin pump.
  2. The professor who inspired me to “Be The Change…” is also Betsy. She has made a major impact in my life in the last 4 months, and in respect for her I named this doll after her!

Meet Betsy:

Betsy is 4 years old. She lives with her dad, mom and little brother David. Betsy has type 1 diabetes and struggles with her sugar levels every day. Betsy does not like school sometimes because the other kids are either afraid that she will get them sick, or they think she is weird because of her insulin pump. Sometimes the kids get mad because she gets to have extra snacks when she is in class, but they don’t understand that the extra snacks help keep Betsy feeling good. Many of the kids think that Betsy can’t run and jump and play, but they are wrong. In fact, Betsy loves to run, jump rope and is taking gymnastics. Just like all of us, Betsy is special in her own special way. Betsy deserves to be happy and have fun just like each one of us. It isn’t fair that Betsy is sick, because sometimes she does feel sick or sometimes she gets a bad headache. The best thing we can do for Betsy is treat her just like we want to be treated, and to help her out if she starts to get sick. Betsy just wants to feel welcome and she wants to feel important. Can’t we all relate?

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please visit to learn more about Juvenile Diabetes and find out how you can help a child with diabetes live a happy life!


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