Todays Thoughts In Bullet Point Format

Well here it is, my last day of Fall 2011 semester. I am waiting for my last final at 1:30 so in the meantime, here I go:

  • I am feeling pretty good about this semester, much better than I felt on Tuesday.
  • I still hope I got an “A” in English. I think I earned it. If I ended up with a B, I will just as proud.
  • Presenting my doll was only nerve-wrecking because I volunteered to go first. After I was done, I realized I did well enough to get an A in the class.
  • There is a very questionable plane flying over…keep flying little plane!!!
  • I don’t know if my brain can handle all the Civil War information I need to handle. I need like a removable hard drive LOL
  • Yes, I am a nerd.
  • I am hungry.
  • I am tired.
  • If my English professor was here she would roll her eyes and ask me why the hell I was once again sitting on the concrete in the hallway.
  • I like it because it is nice and cold, but she did have a point.
  • Do you know the story of Arthur MacArthur in the Battle for Chattanooga in the Civil War? No? Google it. Good stuff.
  • After being made fun for carrying my persona doll, of by this group of people who hang out across from the school library, I at first felt very defeated and humiliated as it wasn’t behind my back…it was obvious…
  • However, now I think this: “You keep laughing, I will be the one laughing when you are still here and I am a professor”
  • Back to studying.

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