My Top 15 Romantic Movies

I could have easily made this top 30, but I digress! Who doesn’t love a good romance? Whether the movie is a romantic comedy or a drama, romance movies make us feel all squishy inside. So, I am listing my top 15 favorites. This is in order, but its a very loose order, because my favorite depends on my mood!

15. Made of Honor (2008) Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan…need I say more?








14. The Wedding Date (2005) A desperate woman hires an escort to be her pretend boyfriend at her sisters wedding, to make her ex jealous. Turns out her escort is a pretty amazing guy, and her ex really is a douche! Love it!








13. The Wedding Planner (2001) OK, seriously I did not mean to have three wedding movies in a row! Anyways…Matthew is gorgeous, J Lo is beautiful and the movie is cute/funny/romantic.









12. Leap Year (2010) Seriously…I love Irish accents…and Scottish…and Matthew Goode is seriously handsome. Although, I hate seeing Adam Scott once again as a semi-douche…oh well. Sweet movie, pretty funny too!






11. 50 First Dates (2004) I. love. this. movie. Drew and Adam are so great together. This is my favorite Adam Sandler movie. Who wouldn’t want to experience their first kiss 50 times?









10. A Knights Tale (2001) I know some may say WTF?!?! at this selection but it truly is a romance and I love it to death. Heath is gorgeous, Paul Bettany isn’t bad either. A story of awesome chivalry…see…it is not dead. 🙂









9. When Harry Met Sally (1989) One of my first favorites. I love the chemistry between Billy and Meg. Complete with a fake orgasm and a sweet ending…wonderful.









8. The Proposal (2009) Be thankful that my list isn’t 85% Sandra! I love her, and in this movie the chemistry between Sandra and Ryan sets the stage for perfection. SUPER funny, sweet and sarcastic…perfect movie!









7. Sense and Sensibility (1995). I know that there is not a single Jane Austen book-turned-movie that is EPIC…however this movie is pretty close. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love seeing Severus Snape as one of the most wonderful men ever? Nuff’ said.








6. Dangerous Beauty (1998) The ONLY movie on my list that is erotic…but its sensual, romantic and wow. I love this movie. Based on a true story. Add Rufus Sewell to the mix and you have romance that will make you fall in love with him!









5. The Holiday (2006). First, Jack Black does an amazing job and I love him in these types of roles. Jude Law may have a questionable real-life, but in this movie he is one of my all-time favorite men. This movie is funny, but its also very sentimental.









4. The Princess Bride (1987) “As You Wish” …need I say more?









3. You’ve Got Mail (1998) What can I say? Who hasn’t had a similar fantasy about accidentally falling in love with the same guy in 2 different settings? No? Well I have!





2. Pride and Prejudice (2005) I know some may have thought this would be my number 1, but I can’t put it at number 1 when it is so inaccurate…HOWEVER, I think that Matthew Macfadyen portrayed Mr. Darcy wonderfully. I sometimes watch this movie and fast forward to all his scenes.










1. PS. I Love You (2007) Some may disagree if they have seen it, however I love this movie. It does not end exactly how you would hope, but it ends great. Gerard is so handsome and his accent makes me want to pack my bags and move to Galway (yes I know he isn’t from there but whatever). This movie is funny, inspiring, romantic and sweet. And the soundtrack is great!


5 thoughts on “My Top 15 Romantic Movies

  1. Oh I absolutely love Princess Bride and Pride and Prejudice, they are some of my favorite romantic films. And you cannot believe how happy I am that the Notebook is not on your list. It seems to be everyone’s favorite, except for mine, and I like the variety of romantic movies that your list provides. And I really do want to see Sense and Sensibility just because Alan-sexy-Rickman is in it.

    • YAY! While The Notebook was OK, I don’t think it was THAT great! And you really should watch Sense & Sensibility because Alan does an outstanding job as Colonel Brandon. I love him so much! If you do watch it, update me! And thank you for commenting!

      • Hey Delila, I just saw Sense and Sensibility, and you were right, it was absolutely amazing. All of Alan Rickman’s parts were so intense and loving that I could barely watch without going crazy for him. It is definitely one of my favorite movies now.

  2. Yay!!! That makes my day! I am going to be reading the book (again) in my lit class in the Spring and I can’t wait. I may have to use it as an excuse to watch the movie repeatedly. Oh and Hugh Grant wasn’t too bad either.

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