My Thoughts In Bullet-Point Format “Holiday Edition”

I have found myself to be sitting here pondering many-a-things today. So why not list them?

  • Less than 5 days until Christmas…yes! I love watching my kids open their gifts.
  • I wonder if anyone got me Parks & Recreation on DVD…
  • I am so glad I deep cleaned the kids rooms, now if I could do mine.
  • I suppose I could fold the clothes, I can even watch a movie while I do that.
  • Just realized I have made no fudge, pb fudge, peanut brittle or cookies for Christmas. Hmm.
  • I better make some yummy candies some time this week.
  • I got my grade in History today: an A…now if I knew my English grade I would be less anxious.
  • If I didn’t get A’s in the child development classes, it would be an anti-miracle.
  • I am a nerd.
  • My daughter is singing Feliz Navidad. Cute, except it sounds like she is saying “feesh noddy nod”.
  • I kind of want to watch a movie.
  • I love “It’s A Wonderful Life”
  • Our “Elf on the Shelf” will be going back to the North Pole soon…so sad :-/
  • My anniversary is Friday…what was I thinking getting married 2 days before Christmas?
  • I guess I will fold those clothes…they are apparently NOT going to fold themselves. If they were, they had ample time to do so. Stupid clothes.
  • I miss school…OK enough whining…folding clothes and watching a movie!

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts In Bullet-Point Format “Holiday Edition”

  1. Yes. They tend to do that! They keep you waiting and checking your grades database every day. And they do it only when holidays are about to come! They must be sadists or something… XD
    But a month is less than a whole summer… Imagine if you had to wait from June until September…!

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