Facts: Get Them Straight People!

So, before I start my little soap box rant I have to tell you all that I am a lover of animals, so don’t call PETA on me.

A friend passed around a link to a blog post this morning. The blog post was talking about the “Bye Bye Blackbird” operation. Fine and dandy, right? No. This blog post was written last month as if this was brand new news. However, if you google this operation you will find articles from 2010 on this topic. AND this has never been hidden from people, it is not a cover-up.

It pains me to even post this hot mess but here it is:

Anyways, my friend forwards it and titles it “sick and twisted”. Now here are some thoughts:

  1. Always get the facts before you complain about something, and please oh gosh, please don’t use a source that isn’t credible. Check many sources, if you must! Half the links the person used didn’t even work…COME ON!
  2. Think! If you find out more information, this has been going on since 1960 in Sandusky, Ohio. This is not a conspiracy! Actually, the main reason they do this is because many breeds of birds are pests, and they destroy crops. It doesn’t seem naturally right, I will give them that BUT look at it this way: don’t we do something very similar with mice? cockroaches? etc. YES! We do! The program was first enacted because crops were being destroyed. What if those were your crops? What if your children depended on the salary you made for those crops?
  3. Also, those birds have nothing to do with the recent bird deaths in Arkansas. This happened last year on New Years eve/day during fireworks and it is unrelated. Get over it. If everyone is so worried, then oh hey…STOP  fireworks too while you are at it!

I am leaving you all with a few links that, in my opinion are FAR more credible:




All I am saying is: we do this too! We set mouse traps, chemicals, etc to get rid of “pests” in our every day lives! I am done ranting. I apologize if this has offended anyone, however it is my blog so it is my opinion and view of not so much the bird-killing but the lack of knowledge and comprehension on the part of people who report these stories.

*end soapbox*


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