My Life With A Starbucks Barista…

This is not a picture I found on the internet…no, it is my counter top. I actually went easy and didn’t add the unopened packages. In case you were wondering, those “Blonde” coffees are new…and great for those who don’t like the boldness of some of Starbucks’ coffees. I especially love Veranda. I have always drank coffee, but usually just a cup here or there. And then Fall semester happened. My English professor had a caffeine requirement. I had my first full pot of coffee near the end of the semester. I became hooked. Now, as I have been on a diet I have cut back on coffee for one simple reason: I like my coffee “blonde and sweet”. If I drank as much as I was, I would never lose weight. BUT, I am going to try some shortcuts to work my way back to caffeine heaven…BECAUSE I will once again be in her class. SO, I am going to try vanilla almond milk and splenda (or that other one I can’t remember the name of).

Being the wife of a barista has its high points. For instance, the people at his store are always pleasant. Also, I have a large collection of coffee and I love to share it. I give my previous ensemble professor Via’s every time I see her. I gave my other professor coffee as well…and friends too! It is nice to make someones day with a bag of beans! The low points? When he comes home at night and you hug him…it’s like hugging a bag of coffee….OK, so that isn’t really a low point…


4 thoughts on “My Life With A Starbucks Barista…

  1. I have been drinking cafe au lait since I was little girl at my grandmothers knee…I enjoy my morning cup blonde and sweet as well. I prefer the plain almond milk over the vanilla, but then I do not care for flavored creamers in my coffees…I would like to think I am a purest…but I am just a girl who enjoys her cup of coffee the way her grandmother made it for her. Best of luck with the caffeine thing!

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