“The Greatest”

Before September of this last year, if you asked me who my favorite president was I would tell you Abraham Lincoln, without even hesitating. I knew of Lincoln’s history as our president, but really I liked him because he was popular. Since then my views have changed. I still admire Lincoln, but another man in U.S. history has my number one vote:

Today we honor our president’s but specifically George Washington, our first president.

George Washington was not born in to wealth, but was a common boy who wanted to be someone. He joined the military to be a “hero”. At first he acted before he thought and pretty much started the French and Indian war. Through life-lessons he learned to act with caution and consideration. He redeemed himself shortly after, and eventually earned the respect of all those who knew him.

Later in life he lead the first and second Continental congress and then in 1775 became the Commander in Chief. He lead our men during the revolution, and alongside our French allies claimed victory in Yorktown in 1781. Beyond this he did much. He was a federalist but warned people against joining parties because the creation of the party system would break up the unity of the sovereign. I think he was right.

The most prominent action he ever made truly made him the “greatest man in the world” as King George III called him. Washington symbolically gave back his sword to the people after the revolution and returned to his plow on his farm. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you know also that after leading the people to victory he truly could have ruled our country as a king. George Washington was true to the dream of republicanism and his humble actions made him the most trusted man in our country. He was asked to return as our president where he served two terms before refusing a third.

George Washington was one of a kind, he loved his country and he walked humbly upon our ground. He grew to be a man who was trusted by all, and in turn respected. I believe if he was alive today, he would be the best candidate to run our country…so I guess the question is, Where is the George Washington of our time? We need him.


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