Been A Long Time Gone…

Seriously…I have been so busy! I have so much I could blog about lately and yet I am just overwhelmed with school, work, kids, and pretty much life in general. So here are some thoughts and possibly upcoming blogs:

  • Media Stereotyping of the LGBT community and the affect they have on all those who experience those stereotypes
  • Media stereotyping of women and my experience at school.
  • School in general
  • Student of Distinction essay/letter updates
  • Overly-Conservative Anti-Progressive lawmakers and their impact on the future of basically every minority group on the planet…
  • Byronic Heroes and why women (and men) love them
  • Possibly some poetry…that’s very iffy.

And I know I am leaving out a few things that have been bothering me. I spent 6 hours today working on my journalism presentation on the TV show “The L Word” … that post will be interesting. Here is a shot of my completed presentation board:


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