Educator of Distinction

So, I could not post yesterday just in case my mentor actually checked my blog again…but now I am free to share the reason for my elation!

I had decided in early December that I was going to nominate my English professor for “Inspiring Woman of the Year,” but then I reconsidered and actually decided to nominate her for “Educator of Distinction.” Well, I worked on this essay several times before I finally turned it in during the first week of March. I really wanted the committee to truly understand how important that this woman is to not only me, but the school as a whole. Betsy has been teaching at my school for 22 years……22 years….and had yet to win this award. I was beside myself at this knowledge. However, I was determined to at least try to change that!

Here is the thing: Betsy is the entire inspiration behind this blog…she really reached out to me and I don’t think she was actually even trying! To finally have someone in my life that had an interest in my education was really something new and special for me. You will all see this when I post the actual nomination shortly after this.She really has been the most positive and influential woman in my life….which because you do not know me you do not truly understand how honest I am being when I say that. Her reading material alone was enough to get inside my mind and start the wheels of change in my life. My gratitude overflows.

But you know, what really touched me came this evening when we chatted about the entire scenario that took place when they surprised her (don’t get me started on the school mascot who needs to take a shower!). I had told myself back before I found out that I lost Student of Distinction that if only one of us could win, that I would be happier if she won. In fact, last week I said to myself that if she wins, I still feel like I won. Well, before I even told her that she told me that she would rather lose and me win… Thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart! We are two peas in a very sarcastic pod!!!

If the world had more Betsy’s there would be more college graduates.

Betsy, Me and the Questionable Mountie Joe…don’t try to enlarge the picture…the cell phone used was also questionable! Also…I look like a midget…should have worn boots too!








After I get a hold on my emotions, I will be posting a blog based on one of my all-time favorite songs “Strip Me”  along with a commentary on Mr. Joe Gargery.


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