Feeling Off

So off. I went back to work today-the first day of the semester. It was….busy. I am really understating the madness! After being done with school for about 2 weeks now, and having been off work for a week, it was weird to go back.

Additionally, I feel “off” because I have had this headache that has slowly worsened throughout the day. I think I know what it is, too. Caffeine. I usually have 1 soda a day, and today I have had none. I am torn between getting one now, or just laying down and dealing with it. I feel like I can’t function with this headache.

Another reason I feel off is because I am home so much now. Don’t get me wrong-I enjoy being home with my kids SO MUCH…however, its such a drastic change that I honestly don’t know what to do with myself at times. Mostly I miss my time spent in the English hallway. I went to the English hallway just to sit there for a few minutes and enjoy the quiet. Usually I add, “enjoy the sounds of people talking” but it was pretty quiet. I miss my mentor. I miss the professor next door with her loud, full laugh. I miss hearing about all the mishaps and craziness. It’s funny to think that this time last year I didn’t even know these people, but now I enjoy seeing them as if they are my long-lost friends. Or maybe friends I never had before? I sat there today and thought about graduating next June. I will miss this. I will miss them.

Off. So very off. It’s like I am cut off from a world I long for….sounds so dramatic when I put it that way LOL

I suppose the time will fly and before I know it I will be back in the loud hallway, half entertained-half in fear of my grades haha. Such is life!


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