Things To Do, Sleep To Be Had!

So, it’s the weekend again. I thought I would list my stress away. I was planning on starting my homework today, however, my children are sick and I am so tired it is ridiculous. So, I thought it would be best to lay out my homework and see if I can start tomorrow. Guess what? I totally can! Here it goes:

Study 100Read 4 short articles and write a 2 page response

English 1BRead and Annotate the Romantic poems assigned

Lit 6A – Finish first study guide, skim Gawain (I already read it twice in the last 2 months), read other material.

Math 55 – Do 1.1.3 worksheet and 1.3 homework online

Poli Sci 1Read Chapter 7 again and read chapter 2.

BOOM! Lot’s of reading (which I love) and a little writing (which I also love). If you know me, you know that I have plenty of time this weekend to have a day off….so now, on to a Rom Com before drifting off to dreamland!


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