Hope=GPA(Goals+Pathways+Agency) Part 1 – Goals

It is now the tail end of week 3 of the fall semester. And in this time comes some interesting assignments. I am taking a class called Study 100, which is a course used to help students achieve their goals in education (and life). So, this week we have to select 3, dated and specific goals. One of them has to be an academic goal since we are in college…obviously-but other than that we can choose two of the remaining “domains” to work on. So, I chose to do health/fitness and social relationships.

Here is the thing as far as social relationships. I don’t want to spend more time, or find new friends. I simply want to stop being so annoyed and discouraged by the ones I have now. What do I mean exactly? Well, I have been back on Facebook which disappoints me anyways, but recently some people have really had an effect on my perception of them and in turn my own positivity/negativity. SO, my goal is that I will remain off of Facebook until December 15th (the end of the semester). I am doing this because I want to have friends who care enough to call, text or come hang out with me. I want friends who aren’t lazy. I want friends who might complain about their life issues, but the good outweighs the bad comments 100 fold. I want to like my friends again, and I honestly cannot like many of them because they sit and complain on their Facebook about how hard they have it and they DON’T EVEN KNOW THE DEFINITION OF DIFFICULT!!! Also, I want to keep my nose out of my phone when in the presence of other people. I hate when I do that because then I am just a bad friend too. So, I not only want to “find out who my friends are” but I also want to be a good friend to those around me. So there is that!

The other 2? Well, for fitness I am going to set a goal to lose 15 lbs by December 15th. I know I can do this because I lost 20 in 2 months at the start of this year. I just have to stick to it! And as for academics: I don’t know yet. Part of me wants to say I will get all A’s, but I am not ready to set that goal yet.

We will find out by Monday! Next post will be about Pathways!


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