My Thoughts in Bullet-Point Format:Mid-Term Edition

So, we are now on week 10 of the semester…I think? Yes. And it has been a really crazy semester. However, today I really felt as though something clicked within me and I have a renewed confidence that I can successfully complete this semester! So here are my thoughts:

  • Getting an “A” on my Lit6A midterm is pretty much the highlight of my month, however if I get a B or A on this math exam I did today it may be a tie for first.
  • Have to start my big paper in English1B this week…Feminism, Oppression, Etc. in literature is the theme I am going with.
  • Have to go see a play for the above class — awesome.
  • Study 100 is awesome. Learning things I never knew about myself.
  • Kids are all mostly good. Some bullying issues with my oldest, but otherwise all is well.
  • Halloween is in 2 days and for the first time in like over a decade I am dressing up. No, not your typical “lusty” wear that seems to be so popular…I am going to be a medieval queen to play opposite to my daughter’s “Merida” (from Brave).
  • I am so tired.
  • I wish there were about 3 extra hours in the night that I would happily use for sleep.
  • Got my new glasses. I can actually see stuff.
  • Did I mention I am tired? I am so tired I can hardly handle sarcasm and/or dish it out.
  • I had an interview for an awesome award today on campus. We shall see how that goes.
  • I’ve seen Pitch Perfect 3 times in the last month. You should see it too!
  • I read 2 books this weekend. I was so exhausted it was all I could do…that and install a new floor in the livingroom.

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