In Media Res – In the Middle of My Thoughts

While I am not in the midst of my semester as I type this, I am in the midst of my thoughts and feelings over this semester. Tuesday night at 10PM I finished my last final in my British literature class (with my favorite professor/mentor) and after a chat and then a foggy drive home I laid in bed feeling relieved and sad at the same time. I have thought over everything and still, as the title might suggest, I am sharing with you “In Media Res.”

So join me in the middle, will you?

I am so relieved to be done with this semester. It was a tough one just trying to juggle life inside and outside of school. I absolutely loved my classes — even math was bearable, but it was a lot of work compared to past semesters. I’ve learned some lessons this semester as well.

I am sad because I truly miss being around my friends on campus. And while most people who say that are referring mostly to their classmates, because I am older I am referring mostly to the professors I have come to know and admire and love. I just love these people with my whole heart. I feel very welcomed in to a great group of people and its such a joy and blessing. So, to not see them for about 2 months is just a major bummer. HOWEVER! My friend and I are treating our two favorite ladies to an “English Tea” for Valentines Day. I am looking forward to that because it will be a blast!

I am also sad because while I am happy that I have been accepted to Cal State Fullerton (going Fall 2013), the fact that I am leaving my college is so bittersweet that the idea that next fall I will not be here is just hard to think of right now. SO, I am going to continue to be in the middle of my thoughts and enjoy the time I have left.

Now I do have more good stuff…don’t you worry! I have been nominated for the PTK/USA Today All-USA team…I will know after the new year if I have won or not…but right now just being nominated is awesome!

So I am leaving this as it is because I am still in the middle of my feelings and I truly don’t know exactly how I feel…

Now I must go read a book…not because I am required to, but because I actually have time to!

My song for the night:


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