In Media Res Part II : How Do You Deal (School Shooting)

While usually I take some time and think about what I am going to blog, right this minute I just need to express what is in my heart.

How does someone get so far gone that they can just walk in and open fire on children? I cannot understand. My spirit refuses to understand. I am literally grieving for these small children who should not have had to endure this — be it a victim or a witness. Because the witnesses are victims too, afterall.

But my heart aches. I cannot truly express how deeply this hurts as a mother. As a mother of a kindergartener. As a mother of a fourth grader. How? I just want to know. But it doesn’t matter because there is NO excuse for this. All I can do is cry for these children and their families. What kind of heartache they must feel, my God. I am grieving for each child — and each parent.

My head hurts. School used to be a place where children could go and enrich their lives; it is not a place we send our kids with the expectation that they might not come out alive.

Don’t think it won’t happen to you — because it can and it might. No one is immune from these types of things. Always remember that. Always hug your children, spouses, loved ones…never forget to tell the people in your life how much you love them because you may send them off to a “safe” place and never see them again.

SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE. MANY THINGS NEED TO CHANGE. I will be damned if I don’t work in whatever way possible to make some change.


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