Just Listen

Sometimes we get so caught up in finding a solution for everything that we often forget to just listen.

Sometimes there are things we can’t fix and we just have to accept — be it our own issue or someone else’s.

Just listen. When someone has something to say…something bothering them…just stop the sound of your own voice (external AND internal) and allow them to let out what might be digging at them from the inside. But this doesn’t relate simply to listening to other people, but our own selves as well. Life can literally become so noisy that we don’t stop and listen to our own “heart” in terms of our true desires, pains, feelings, etc. I feel that especially in this fast-paced society that we are so busy trying to keep up and make everyone happy that we forget to stop. We forget to listen to what we are trying to tell ourselves and consequently what we are trying to tell the world.

Just listen. Stop trying to hear what everyone else wants you to hear, and what everyone else is telling you to hear. Listen to your conscience, listen to that person who is so desperately trying to tell you something that they trust you enough to share.

I write this because I find myself stifling my own thoughts and dreams and feelings because I realize that other people find me weird, odd or socially awkward/unacceptable. I am disappointed in myself for silencing myself and I am disappointed in myself for believing that the people I trusted were just listening, when actually they were either not listening at all, or judging me without consideration to the fact that they have NO idea what I am feeling or experiencing. This bothers me because I always try to be sympathetic to people, understanding that I have NO idea what they are going through. Yes, I may know some parts of it but we are all going through a unique experience in life and we have all learned to cope with those experiences in our own way.

So, for those who feel as I do: Just listen — don’t silence yourself unnecessarily.

For those of you who think you need to find a solution for that friend like me: Just listen, that is all we need.


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