My Messy Room II: Time To Clean Up

The longer I sat in my room, the more time I had to think about the mess inside my heart and mind. I realized that I am overthinking things and this mess is unnecessary.

The same goes for my literal bedroom. I have less than a month before my final semester at Mt. SAC begins and I really want to start on the best foot. So, today I am tackling all the clean, unfolded laundry. I realize I have way too much in terms of clothing; and that many of these items will never be worn regardless if I was to gain or (hopefully) lose weight. So, I am going to throw them out.

And in some ways I feel kind of like the symbolism is creeping up on me because there are certain things (and people) that I am outgrowing. I have to learn that it is OK to let go in some things and just as equally OK to never give up on others. I am the one who decided to change for the better and I am the one who has to be willing to let go and do what is right, just and/or true in my life.

So today, I am cleaning up my mess.


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