My Thoughts in Bullet-Point Format: Because I Said So Edition

Due to my rather grumpy mood, and yet a need to say how I feel, I will be doing some bullet-points so that I 1) Don’t implode and 2) Don’t implode.

  • I can’t stand myself right now. Have you ever felt that way? If it was possible I would walk out on myself and not return for some time. I would literally “check out” for a while.
  • I am SO CLOSE to being done with speech class. I actually do like the class at times. I scored a 100% on my informative speech so that really was the highlight of my day…possibly week.
  • I won an award through PTK and had to get my picture taken today to send to the awards people for the program…. …. …. today was not the day to get my picture taken. Not to take away from the award– I am REALLY thankful for the award and can’t wait until the award ceremony. It will be in Sacramento and I have never been there!
  • Oh, by the way, my sinuses are running the show and are ruining my life momentarily. I need hot steam, hot tea and soft pillows to lay my head on. This should have been the first bullet as the mood might make more sense.
  • Gross as it may be, the Netipot is about to become my friend for the evening.
  • Bones will be on in 7 minutes…the second biggest highlight of the week.
  • The 49er’s lost and that makes me sad, but they really showed up after the power outtage and hey, the Ravens aren’t so bad anyways! Michael Oher! ❤ Also, the power going out is proof that the Superbowl was not ready for Beyonce’s jelly! #JustSaying
  • Hey, I just realized that this is the first Monday that I have the “Monday’s” in a while…well, that is something to be thankful for.
  • I hope you all have a much better night than myself and stay healthy.

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