Great Professor, Great Author: Mann of War

Happy Saturday!

It has been a while since I really promoted someone I admire so I thought I should do so today.

John Brantingham is a English professor at my community college. While he has never been my teacher, I have always heard fantastic things about him! More so, as a human being I think John is exceptional. He is always bright, welcoming and fun to be around. But what makes him stand out is his care and concern for his students. As many of you know, teaching is important but inspiring is what truly sets apart the good from the rest of the crowd! So today I want to take the time to share the trailer for John’s new book, Mann of War. I have not had the chance to read it yet, but the reviews are fantastic and as soon as I get paid next week I will be buying my own copy. Check out the trailer I have included below, and please do your part in supporting a fantastic professor and author!

Here is a direct link to purchase Mann of War by John Brantingham on Amazon.


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