I’m A Big Girl, I Can Handle the Word “No”

Plato said you should not honor men more than truth, and Shakespeare said honesty is the best policy, yet it seems so hard for some people to just be honest. Or maybe it isn’t a lack of honesty, but rather a lack of concern. Today I am going to focus on a lack of honesty.

Why is it you would rather lie, or omit the truth instead of just being honest? Do you not realize how poorly you are perceived when you can’t be adult enough and respectful enough to just be honest?

I feel very disappointed this last couple weeks because I am on the receiving end (or rather the lack-of-receiving-end) of this type of situation. I am not only disappointed, but also hurt because I have learned that silence is far worse than an honest answer. Even if the answer isn’t what I want, at least it is a conclusion. At least I can deal with it and move on. Be an adult for crying out loud…stop omitting the truth or ignoring me just to avoid it. I have done nothing wrong, and in fact I have always defended, respected and admired you and yet I am just nothing at all. Did I do these things to gain something? No. Did you ask me to do these things? No. However, the fault is mine in the fact that I actually thought you “practiced what you preached” and would be a respectable adult when given a very simple yes or no question. I guess I was wrong. And don’t tell me you have to be either mean or a pushover in this life, because that is simply an excuse for not actually opening your heart to people who love you.

But whatever. Part of me is STILL giving you the benefit of the doubt…but how long should I do that? I don’t know.

Disappointed. Hurt.

I am a big girl, I can handle the truth…I can’t handle being ignored or disregarded.


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