Changing (Again)

A lot is changing and I apologize ahead of time to all of my subscribers for my posts. I haven’t felt like myself this last month and I know it’s likely to be very obvious in my blog. I can’t help that — I write what I feel. Right now I feel overwhelmed.

Generally I have a hard time with change. So, when I am graduating, transferring, losing my job and readjusting my daily schedule it tends to feel like a bit too much. Am I regretful? Absolutely not! I am moving on to finish my degree (and a second major as well), I am done with my general education requirements, and I get to take every fantastic memory with me. I can’t complain about that.

But that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of change at once is overwhelming. To think if I would have dropped out of that one English class I wouldn’t even be blogging…I wouldn’t have started volunteering in my community and I wouldn’t be entering a 4 year college with a high gpa and acceptance in to the honors program. It blows my mind how far I have come. You all don’t know the me I used to be — but she wasn’t this person at all.

However, that doesn’t change the feeling I have right now. Tomorrow is my last day at work as a student assistant. I love this job and I am grateful that my mentor helped me get it. I will miss this amazing group of people!!!

Nevertheless, we can’t stay in one spot forever — we must keep moving forward!

So onward I go!


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