Why You Should Honor Your “One Professor”

So a few months ago I stumbled upon Pearson Students movement called One Professor. Their goal was to honor 500 professors by the end of July! Well, it is nearly the end of July and they are very close to their goal! So I thought I would tell YOU why it is a great idea to honor your One Professor.

Betsy is the best role model I have ever had. However, she started as my English professor and at first I was pretty overwhelmed by her expectations. To be honest, I was going to drop the class. But something deep down told me not to. So, I followed my conscience and remained in her class. Best. Decision. Ever.

My One Professor, Betsy, changed education for me. She became my mentor, favorite professor, my reminder to keep moving forward and probably the most important “cheerleader” in my journey through higher education. She didn’t just teach me – she inspired, encouraged and challenged me. She took time out of her schedule to help me and she didn’t “baby” me. She was honest, yet when I needed a “shoulder” Betsy was there and remains there even though I am no longer her student. In my opinion, people like Betsy aren’t found in every office on every college campus. She is One in a million!

And while I think Betsy is unique, I know there are more people just like her — passionate about her subject, ready to help, selflessly giving and dedicated.

So why not honor your One Professor? It is free, just requiring a short video and some basic info so they can send your One Professor a certificate of appreciation. You have nothing to lose, and one very special professor will be honored with knowing that they made a difference in the life of a student.

Go on, do it!



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