Becoming the Agents of Our Success

A great blog post on taking control of your success!

Not the Thirteenth Grade


One of my sister’s Facebook posts a few weeks ago really struck a chord with me. I’ll summarize it:

“Dear retail/fast food employees, I get it. You have a terrible job from which you bring home less than stellar pay. The hours suck and you’re probably not treated that well. However, being sarcastic, gruff, or downright sullen to someone spending their (very) hard-earned money in your store…well, it’s just not worth it … Also, if it’s really THAT BAD, you CAN change it.”

I encounter so many people who content themselves with being mediocre and miserable, but why? I think the answer lies in a lack of ownership.

We create a self-fulfilling prophecy when we decide that our efforts don’t matter. By rationalizing underachievement, we limit our potential. This mindset creates a web of toxicity that only scaffolds the status quo of counter-productivity.

When did we decide to reserve our…

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