That’s My College — and My Friend

I am a bit late hearing the news, but apparently the people at TMZ chose to pick not only at Miss Mexico, Beatriz, but Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC). I watched the video today and in all honesty I can’t say I am surprised, however that doesn’t stop me from being incredibly put off. TMZ, a TV show whose main purpose is to bash all those who come within their radius, knows nothing of our community college system…and fell in to the belief that the stereotype about community colleges is true. It’s not. Granted some people at any given community college can fit in to that stereotype, but in all honesty community college is not a mark against us. Community college is a reasonable, affordable, and accessible means for people whose parents can’t afford a 4 year, overpriced education right off the bat. Also, many students are adult students returning to college. Is it really a bright idea to jump in to a pricey education at 18 when you might possibly drop out, or stay for a long time? No. Community college is not less-than a 4 year, but is the first two years of an undergraduate degree — plain. and. simple.

I think that Harvey, who is supposedly educated, should do his homework before he makes hasty generalizations for the sake of a laugh. Which leads me to my next point — Betty. I met Betty in 2011 while attending Mt. SAC. We had one class together and got to know each other over the following years. While we aren’t BFF’s, I do know Betty’s character — a loving, genuine, intelligent, and ambitious young woman. She deserves nothing but respect and TMZ showed her none of that. Instead they took advantage of her sweet, unassuming personality to make a joke…shame on you all. Betty is top notch, and has been through some hardships but still puts that beautiful smile on her face. I hope anyone who sees that video remembers that about her.


3 thoughts on “That’s My College — and My Friend

  1. Hi, I’m an editor at the Mountaineer, Mt. SAC’s student newspaper and we are going to share your story on our twitter (@mountiewire) and other social media websites. We are also putting together a big story and plan to spread it as much as possible. Keep checking out website ( and spread the word! Thank you! – The Mountaineer

    • Thank you for reading the post, I feel so disappointed that media outlets have the ability to inspire and create awareness and they waste their abilities on bashing those different than themselves. I read the article posted today and really love what you had to say…keep up the great work!

  2. That’s really cool! I really love this post, and you have a really cool blog. I also write a lot about community college- there is certainly no shame in it. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think. Thank you for your time

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