Bucket List

I have seen so many people make this list and yet I shy away from it for many reasons. One of them is because I don’t want to think about dying. I don’t have a fear of being dead – but of being in the middle of a painful death. Another reason is because I have often felt like I don’t want to let myself down by not doing stuff on this list. But, I realize now that these are my hopes, dreams and if I want to check something off my list I have the right to do so! So, today, September 23, 2012 I am starting a bucket list!

1. Visit England, Ireland, Scotland…and all of Europe.
2. Go out of the country on a mission trip.
3. Open a food bank.
4. Ride the world’s tallest ferris wheel (barf).
5. Ride a Jet Ski
6. Drive across country just for fun.
7. Go to an NFL football game
8. Go to an MLB Baseball game.
9. Buy a brand new car.
10. Surf
11. Publish a novel
12. Publish a poem
13. Get paid for my photography/editing.
14. Sing the National Anthem in public one more time.
15. Get a Ph.D.
16. Stay at the Disneyland Hotel
17. Ride the Matterhorn without holding on to the handlebars.
18. Scuba Dive
19. Get an autograph from a celebrity
20. Buy an entire set of brand new furniture
21. Meet Johnny Depp
22. Re-read all the Harry Potter books within a years time.
23. Get a tattoo
24. Visit NYC
To be continued…


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